We’ve opened a new studio!

Ever need some solo rehearsal? 
We are delighted to announce that we have opened a brand new studio! And there is even better news. It is our cheapest studio yet. It is also the cheapest fully equipped rehearsal space in the whole of London (please note this is not a drum practice studio).

Studio 20 is ideal for private solo rehearsal. Very popular with brass, woodwind and violin players. Please note a surcharge of £1.50 per person will be charged for each additional person in this studio.

(Please note that at times there can be noise bleed in this studio from the adjoining studio if there is an exceptionally loud band).

Studio 20 – Key Details

  • Only £4.00 per hour at all times,
  • ROOM SIZE: 11`X8`
  • Yamaha Clavinova for Piano Practice
  • iPod & iPhone playback facilities
  • 100 watt P.A.
  • Peavey Guitar combo

Click here to book studio 20