About Us

Mill Hill Music Complex first opened to customers in 1979. Since then it has grown to be one of London’s premier facilities for musicians. Up to 2,000 musicians a week pass through the 17 studios at the complex.

As well as having an impressive list of customers who have used the studios over the years, including Amy Winehouse, Kate Nash, Eddie Floyd, David Soul, The Damned, various members of Madness, The South, The Foundations and many many more, we are also proud to be the spiritual home of a whole host of up and coming local bands. We have an ever increasing number of musicians such as drummers and saxophonists who use the bargain rate of £4 per hour for private practice.

New Era

Mill Hill Music Complex, London - Have fun rehearsing with your band

Band Rehearsal – Studio 16

Three years ago, we embarked on an ambitious plan to revamp the facilities at the studios. We saw the fruition of this dream in April 2012 when we opened six new studios and a fantastic reception and shop area. This will offer free wi fi for all studio customers, modern air conditioned studios and a whole new range of services from our partner companies such as band forming sessions with Rock United, arts and drama with the Arts Experience, ballet and tap with the Jumpup Ballet School, and youth music projects with Soundskool. We are also starting our own instrument tuition.


It is also our intention to have regular events for our customers in the studio reception area, where we have the ability to hold small events and gigs. Other new facilities included in the complex will be a purpose built dance studio with mirrors, ballet barres and a harlequin floor. We are also opening a video and photography studio to help build up the interest in the visual arts in mill hill and north west london. This will have a permanent infinity wall and black drapes, to ensure the widest possible range of options for customers. Lighting will also be available for hire.

London’s Finest Studio Complex. Established since `1979

We have 17 studios including specialist music rehearsal, recording, dance, photography, video, auditioning suites, fitness space and general workspaces. Our new studio complex block has natural light, air-conditioning, a shop area and some snacks.We offer; Rehearsal and Recording; Photography and Filming; Dance Space and Lessons; Private Tuition and Eqiupment Hire.

We have plenty of quality instruments and equipment. We have staff to hand to help you with any queries you may have, who are specialists in many of the services we provide. We also have highly reasonable off peak rates to ensure that you stay in budget and stress free.

We believe that 2013 is going to be a very exciting year for all creative people in London and we want to be at the heart of it.

Next Steps

Mill Hill Music Complex, London - Have fun rehearsing with your band

Fun, Creative Band Rehearsal – Studio 16