Broken a guitar string or drumstick at soundcheck?

We’ve all been there. You get the gig of a lifetime, you turn up for the soundcheck, you crash into the first bars of the song, it sounds awesome, then disaster. You break a guitar string or a drum stick. You find that the spare’s you thought were in the gig bag have fallen out. What do you do? Well don’t worry. Mill Hill Music Complex are open until 11pm on a Monday to Friday and until 8pm on a Saturday. Simply call us and we can take a payment over the phone. Then just call your favourite cab service to collect them and bring them over to you. If you are in London, generally they will get there in under an hour.

We have a rather good cab company in Mill Hill, who know where we live and if you say you need something to be picked up in reception in Mill Hill Music Complex, they will come straight down. Call M1 Cabs on 020 959 3000

We stock the UK’s most popular brands such as Ernie Ball, Rotosound and Aquila Strings, as well as Vic Firth Drum sticks. Save those blushes and call us on 020 8906 9991 to order.

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