Casting services

Casting lightsNeed a great studio for casting, with the finest facilities and a convenient location? Check out Mill Hill Music Complex!

Whether you are casting a play, a film, a TV production, a dance production, a band or anything else where you need professionally run studios that cater for your needs we can help. We have 18 studios, specially configured for your particular requirements. We also have a Diner area which is great for meeting and greeting people. Our studios have free WiFi for customers and are only five minutes walk from Mill Hill Broadway Station which is Zone 4 for Oyster card and less than 20 minutes by train from Central London.

Studio facilities

Although all of our studios have their own special features, for casting the following studios have proven especially popular.

Studio 15 is our multi purpose space ideal for casting for film and video shoots. The studio  has black drapes and mirrors for dance auditions etc. Other facilities include Green Screen, Lighting, Infinity Cove as standard

Studio 14 is ideal for casting for dance and drama.Facilities include Ballet Barres, PA system, Harlequin floor and full length mirrors

Studio 17 is great for auditioning singer and musicians, with a Yamaha Piano, as well as a PA system and full backline

Standard Inclusive package

  • Spacious, purpose built spaces with air-conditioning and natural light
  • Extensive waiting area and reception space
  • Coffee, teas, bottled water and snacks available
  • Flexible task seating and furniture
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Additional services available
  • Lighting/Green Screen & Infinity Cove

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