The Diner

There is more to using a studio than simply turning up and rehearsing or recording. At Mill Hill Music Complex, we recognise that bands need to chill out, before, after and during breaks. We know that having access to fast reliable wifi is vital. We know that if you are auditioning acts you need a waiting area. So we have put together the ideal area for you to work, chill and play.

Our Diner area has a full range of teas, coffee and soft drinks as well as snacks. The area was carefully designed for all your needs as a musician by top British designer Derek Treadwell, who has designed building interiors for the likes of Blue Chip companies such as Bloomberg.  This has drawn admiring comments from many customers including Captain Sensible of the Damned on his Twitter feed.


When you are rehearsing and you take a break, you never quite know who you will rub shoulders with at Mill Hill Music Complex! You can also take a look at the memorabilia we’ve collected during our forty years of trading, since we opened our doors in 1979, including gold discs, a poster signed by Jim Marshall and all manner of posters and other items kindly donated by our friends such as Captain Sensible of The Damned and Lee Thompson of Madness.

Next Steps

Call 020 8906 9991 for further information between 10.30 and 10.30pm Sunday to Friday and 10.30am – 7.30pm on Saturday