Do you need to hire musical equipment?

We are London’s most friendly and economic hire company. If you need a small PA, drum kit, or backline amplifier get in touch.

We do special deals for longer hires.We have provided equipment for all manner of events, inculding the Mill Hill Music Festival, The North Finchley Festival, Wembley Festival, Cricklewood Festival, Jesterfest, Metalbrew, as well as numerous charity events, and other gigs all over London.

We provided PA systems for the London Community Gospel Choir at St Pauls, Lee Thompson of Madness & The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra for charity gigs, John Dankworth, Jackie Dankworth, Acker Bilk, Stacey Kent and Gwynneth Herbert to name a few of our better known customers. We have also provided PA systems for artists coming over from the USA on tour.

We also provide PA systems for auctions, school fayres, religious events and festivals, choirs and parties.

If we can’t supply the full package, we can usually arrange equipment through our partner companies.

Guitars & Basses

Guitars & Basses Price /
Price /
Ibanez G10 £5 £20
Fender Stratocastor (Mexican) £7 £25
Vintage electro acoustic guitar £5 £20
Peavey Milestone BXP bass £5 £20
Ibanez EHB1005 MS 5 string bass £7 £25


Amps Price /
Price /
Fender deluxe 112 85 watt 1 x 12? guitar combo £5 £20
Peavey bandit 85 watt 1 x 12? guitar combo £3 £20
Laney TF700 120 watt guitar head + 4 x 12 speaker cabinet £8 £25
Marshall 4 x 12” speaker cabinet £5 £20
Peavey TNT130 1 x 15” 130 watt bass combo £5 £20
Laney RBW300 1 x 15” 165 watt wedge bass combo £5 £20
Laney RBH800 300 watt bass head + 4 x 12” speaker cabinet £8 £25
Marshall 1 x 15” bass speaker cabinet £5 £15
Laney 1 x 15? keyboard combo £3 £15

Drum Kits

Drum Kits Price /
Price /
Pearl Export 5 piece kit + cymbals £18 £50
Pearl Double Drum pedals £5 £20
Cymbals set £10 £25
Stagg 18″ EX Crash £5 £15
Stagg SH 10″ Splash £3 £12


Keyboards Price /
Price /
Yamaha P80 £7 £20
Yamaha SY85 £7 £20
Yamaha PSR300 £5 £15

PA Systems

All PA’s supplied with mic & speaker, cables & stands

PA System Price
1800 watt System – 24 channel Mixing desk w/digital Studiomaster crossover, Peavey & phonic amps,RCF 18?subs, Peavey RX Mid/Hi, 7 vocal/instrument mics,5 drum mics, 24 channel multicore £150
800 watt System – Soundcraft 8 channel mixer,Alesis Quadraverb, Peavey CS 800 watt amp,2 x Peavey Hisys 15” speakers, 3 mics £90
300 watt System – Soundcraft Gigrac – 8 channel300 watt mixer/amp, 2 x McKenzie 15” speakers, 2 mics £45
200 Watt –  Peavey Escort – 200 Watt – 2 x 10″ speakers, 5 channel + 2 mics (portable all in system) £35

PA Extras

PA Extras Price /
Price /
SM58 mic, cable + stand £5 £10
Unbranded mic, cable + stand £3 £8
Shure handheld radio mic system £8 £25
Monitors – 100 watt powered HH monitor
with passive slave monitor
£5 £15
DJ Station – Dual Gemini CD deck, Gemini DJ mixer and mic £8 £25

Conditions of Hire

All hire fees must be paid in advance.
No Item will be released unless two forms of identification or a deposit equivalent to the value of the equipment is left.
The hiring party is responsible for the equipment for the duration of the hire and is responsible for any repairs required due to accidental damage or misuse of equipment.
A refund will only be given for faulty equipment if the fault is reported when the problem is found, not on return of equipment to the studio.
All equipment must be returned to the hire depot before 2pm on the next day or an additional days hire will be charged.
For every day late that an item is returned a charge of 1.5 times the normal hire rate will apply, unless prior agreement has been reached with Texmain Ltd.
In the event that Texmain Ltd has to arrange collection of the gear, a rate of £5 per mile (min £25) will be charged.
Any lost cables or microphones will be charged at the rate for a new cable/mic.
Appropriate forms of ID are Driving license, Passport, Credit Card + a utility bill.

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