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End of Lockdown – How this affects your session

Some information about your sessions at Mill Hill Music Complex..
The I’m sure that everyone is aware that the Government has abolished all restrictions as of today. We have had many customers asking what this means for them when they rehearse at Mill Hill Music Complex.

As there is still a very high rate of Covid infections in London and the region has the lowest rate of vaccination in England, we are advising all of our customers to use common sense and consideration whilst using our facilities.

All of our studios have guideance on how many people can use our studios in a properly socially distanced manner. We would advise all customers to check this before booking and book accordingly. We are not enforcing these limits, but we feel that all customers, especially unvaccinated customers need to be aware of the recommendations.

With regards to common areas such as toilets and the reception area, we are again asking customers to use common sense and consideration. Allow people 2 metres or 1 metre + personal space and we’d prefer customers to wear masks in these areas, especially when busy. We are asking customers to refrain from congregating in reception, especially in large numbers.

On the advice of the Association of Independent Recording and Rehearsal Studios, we will not be putting the seating back in our common areas at present.

We are also maintaining the 1 hour gap between sessions where appropriate. We will not be doing this for solo sessions in our larger studios, as we feel there is minimal risk.

We will also be continuing with microphone sanitisation and hire for the foreseeable future.

Any customer who cannot attend a session as they have been advised to self isolate or as they feel ill and may have covid can reschedule the session with no charge for a later date, so long as we are informed prior to the session commencing. We prefer if this is done via email.

We understand that some customers have strong opinions about Covid/vaccines/facemasks etc. The studio is following the guidance of the Association of Independent Rehearsal and Recording Studios and our insurers in these matters. We aim to provide a safe environment for our customers. We respect the right of all customers to have an opinion. We also expect them to respect our right to manage our business in such a way that we can keep our staff and customers safe. If you have specific concerns regarding our operation, please email us and a member of our management team will respond. The reception staff are not responsible for our covid policies and risk assessment so will be unable to assist.