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London Covid restrictions – how these affect your booking

The new restrictions start at midnight on Friday 16th October.  Studios are legally allowed to operate currently.  The new restrictions ban members of different households from mixing indoors for leisure purposes, which may affect your session.

The restrictions on households do not apply to places of work. For all pro and semi pro musicians, dancers etc, if you are using studios as part of your paid work as a musician or other artist, be it to record or write music, maintain your working ability or to practice for paid gigs, practice for videos, streaming events etc, the restrictions are not applicable. If your rehearsals are for social or leisure purposes, then the restrictions will apply.

We will be updating our booking system and asking customers to confirm that the booking is either for a solo artist or work related.

Guests and visitors can accompany customers only where they are part of a working/business related relationship linked with the session.

There are no restrictions on solo practice.

If you feel that you are unable to attend a session due to the restrictions, we will reschedule or refund sessions on request.

Please do this by email to – refunds may take a couple of days to process. Please do not call reception as reception staff do not have the authorisation codes/ account access to perform refunds.

We ask all customers to follow the government covid advice, wear facemasks in common areas and use sanitisers, wipes etc as appropriate. As we have just undertaken some major refurbishments and improvements, especially in the area of ventilation and decoration, we are committed to the future of the music industry and hope that the restrictions are short lived.