Mill Hill Music Complex new website

Mill Hill Music Complex New Studio

Today we’ve launched a new website for the Mill Hill Music Complex. Mill Hill Music Complex was one of the very first to launch a website, back in the 1990’s. Over the last few years, mainly because we’ve been concentrating on our new build project, it’s fair to say we’ve neglected this. As we move towards the opening in April 2012, refreshing the website has become a priority. We are still keeping the old version up as we need to iron all of the glitches out of the new site. Eventually we will keep both addresses but they will point to the new site. We will also be updating the online retail side of the site in the course of time, but our first priority is to get the message about the new studios out there. The new site can be found at – please check it out.

You can tell us whether you like the new look at our facebook page on

If you want to see some truly unique views of Mill Hill and of our new studio development, check this video out, taken today in glorious and freezing cold sunshine

If you are not already a friend of the studios, now is the time  !

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  1. We would like to thank Mill Hill Music Complex for their sponsorship, Mill Hill Wines for their help with ticket sales and our many friends for all their support. 

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