Need to do some recordings?

Regular customers know that you get great recordings at Mill Hill Music Complex. We have two amaziing engineers.

Our Chief Engineer Fil Ross has a wealth of experience and has worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Amy Winehouse, Lee Thompson (Madness),  Albert Lee and Chris Spedding to name a few. Fil specialises in full band recordings, live instruments and great vocal sounds. Check out Fil’s website here for full details.

We also have Tishtar Mogul, who is a highly talented senior sound engineer. Tish has an amazing library of work. As well as recording beats, specialising in Rap and vocals, Tish has a wealth of knowledge of recording speeches etc for party’s etc.

We have a fully acoustically tuned live room, a dedicated vocal booth, a stack of amazing microphones, including Neuman U87’s, Shure SM57’s and SM58’s, to name a few. Many artists use the studio for great vocal tracks on material they are developing, as they can’t get that classic studio vocal sound at home.

If you want to speak to one of our engineers or find out more, please email us at and we will pass it to our engineers who will call you back ASAP.