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Pro Shop at Mill Hill Music Complex, London _MG_6331



At Mill Hill Music Complex we provide a level of service unrivalled elsewhere in London. We have a full range of Musical Instruments: guitars, ukeleles, drum kits, strings, drumsticks and other accessories.

As musicians don’t work 9-5 shifts, we are here when you need us. As well as top-end pro gear, we also stock a full range of budget instruments for students and young people, including violin outfits, acoustic guitar packages, budget drum kits, recorders, reeds for saxophones and clarinets, ukelele’s and many more items. We have plenty of off road parking, with no charges or parking wardens.

You name it – we stock the lot! If you are looking to equip for your forthcoming tour or need something today please get in touch.

If you are unable to visit the Pro Shop, you can buy direct from the Shop Online »

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Call 020 8906 9991 for further information between 10.30 and 10.30pm Sunday to Friday and 10.30am – 7.30pm on Saturday