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Burns London

Burns London- Short Scale Jazz Electric Guitar

Burns London- Short Scale Jazz Electric Guitar

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One of three models based on the 1962 Jazz Guitar series. Features a comfortable short scale of 24¾ inches.

Like the original sixties models, the SSJ Jazz Guitar has 2 x Burns Tri Sonic pickups with a three way pickup selector switch and a Burns knife edge tremolo unit, delivering a great distinctive vintage tone not heard on its American counterparts.

Features include:

  • One tone control
  • One master volume
  • 3-way pickup selector switch
  • Two Burns Tri Sonic pickups
  • Bass wood body
  • Synthetic Lignam Rosa fingerboard
  • Scale length: 24¾"
  • Bolt on maple neck
  • Burns Knife edge Tremolo unit
  • Classic polyester finish
  • Burns deluxe machine heads

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