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Proguard Fleximonitor for MP3 and Ipod

Proguard Fleximonitor for MP3 and Ipod

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ProGuard Custom Fleximonitors Mark 2

ProGuard Custom Fleximonitors Mark 2 featuring a newly designed Interchangeable Insert Driver system (ICIDS). The small earphone known as the EarZlug, pushes simply into custom fit eartips. The custom eartips provide a high isolation factor well above 25dB, tailored precisely to the users own ears whilst the EarZlug will give a stunning musical performance.

Eartips: Custom Fit
Material: Translucent Soft Silicon
Frequency Response: 15hz – 15kHz
Speaker Type: Single Moving Armature Driver
Impedance (1KHZ): 50 ohms
Max SPL: 105dB
Cable: Black Kevlar Rienforced 1400mm
EarZlug Insert: Black

ProGuard Fleximonitor mark 2 is suitable for a wide range of users including musicians, MP3 or IPod® use, perfect for under motorcycle helmets and other similar high noise situations.

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