Sunday Secrets – Five Guilty Pleasures !

As it’s Sunday, we usually post something a little different on the blog. Today it’s five guilty pleasures. As a punk rock and roller, people always assume all I listen to is punk and  metal at 250 db. I do have a few guilty pleasures. Songs which the wearing of the T-Shirt at work may raise a couple of eybrows ;^)

What makes a guilty pleasure? It’s a song which you really like, but you’d not be seen dead admitting to liking in front of your mates at the pub.

#1 – Duran Duran – Girls on Film

A bit of a story behind this. In 1981, when I left school, I went to live in Stockholm. My girlfriend was into Duran Duran. They were doing a tour and playing in Stockholm. They were known, but were not a big band. We went to see them at the Underground. I wasn’t a fan. I was into punk. I got talking to one of the roadies at the bar and we were invited backstage. The band had been travelling around Europe and were a bit bored, having not talked about football or beer to anyone for a month or two. I got chatting to Simon LeBon. It turned out he’d lived in Hendon. We had a good laugh, he is a really nice bloke and we got guest listed for the show the next night at the Roxy. The band were brilliant and I’ve been a fan ever since. Somewhere I’ve got a signed tour program. The girls who came with me were well impressed !

#2 – Erasure  – Sometimes

I remember seeing this on Top of the Pops. I was immediately struck by what a great song it is. I suggested that we did a rocked up version of it to the band and endured an evening of severe pisstaking. One day I will do it though.

#3 – Soft Cell – Torch

I’m a big fan of Soft Cell, they do great songs and are unique. I think this song is the best of the bunch.

#4 – The Jackson Five – Rockin Robin

I was nine when this came out. I thought it was great that a kid was singing in a proper band. It wasn’t a crass novelty act, it was a proper band. The Jackson Five were a band I felt a great affection for and still do. Seeing Michael Jackson before the plastic surgeons ripped him apart is and it all went wrong is tinged with sadness, but I never ever hear this song without smiling.

#5 – Nancy Sinatra – These boots were made for walking

Seriously, how could anyone not love this?

Have a great weekend

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