Music Minds Matter

We Believe that Music Minds Matter

HMUK is Britain’s leading independent music charity. 

Mill Hill Music Complex is committed to looking after our customers. We believe that it is not enough simply to sell products and services and say “That’s it, we’ve done a good job”. Many musicians encounter issues with mental health. This includes some of the people involved in setting up and running the studios. Over the years some of our customers have suffered serious problems, often not knowing where to turn to for support. So we are pleased to be able to flag up a charity dedicated to helping support musicians who are suffering with mental health issues. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Help Musicians UK – Music Minds Matter is a charity dedicated to helping musicians. There is a helpline for a chat and all manner of support services.

Since 1921 , the charity has provided help, support and opportunities to empower musicians at all stages of their lives. HMUK’s mission is to create a sustainable future for all musicians and the industry and works in partnership to transform the music industry through advocacy, campaigning, programmes and targeted investment for all those within it.

HMUK’S Health and Welfare service

We provide help to those dealing with a crisis, facing a long-term illness or disability, or managing in older age. We understand the complexity of being a musician and recognise the need for support that reflects the nature of the industry, whilst providing a personalised service to each musician we help.


T: 0207 239 9100