What you can do if you try

Check out this video. This is one of the Sound Skool taster sessions, we’ve been running at our studios for young people aged between 14-18 who are not in full time education or training. This session was run in association with First Rung, an organisation committed to helping young people. The Sound School project is run by the YMCA. It provides accredited 10 week courses for young people, to help get them into education or training.

My business, Mill Hill Music Complex is a sponsor of the project (before you ask, this means I’ve stuck my hand in my pocket to help get it going). We’ve got funding for 1 year from the Youth Music fund. If you are well off and have a spare £30,000 or so, you could fund year 2 for us and change a lot of young peoples lives. If you’ve got a bit less, you could help and if you’ve got a bit more you could help us expand the program beyond the five courses we currently run (band skills, Music Production, MCing, DJing and Vocal skills).

The group you see in the video had never been in a studio before and they wrote the track, assisted by our staff and MOBO award winner Pat Leacock

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