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Think you can’t afford to rent a music rehearsal studio? Think again!

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Studio 4 Musical Rehearsal Studio with stage - london

Studio 4

Supporting Performers by providing them with excellent Music Rehearsal Spaces

Studio 6 Musical Rehearsal Studio, London

Mill Hill Music Complex understands the need for upcoming talent to be able to afford a place to rehearse and record their music, as well as access to professional equipment to give them the best chance at success.

Having access to a safe and well equipped studio to practise is essential for any band, and with 17 rehearsal studios to choose from there are different set-ups available at a range of prices to ensure that there is something for everyone –   style, space and budget.

Music Rehearsal studios at Excellent Prices

If you are in a band, or if you’re a soloist looking for a place to rehearse in London then get in touch today to have a look round and see what we can provide! We have solo studio space from £4 per hour and solo Drum and solo piano practice for £5 per hour.

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