Rehearsal Studios

**** Urgent Notice ****

Regulations have changed recently. Please read our policy below before booking


If you have any queries please send them via email to In the meantime, due to the situation, if a refund is required, this may take some time to process and we request that all customers agree to defer sessions to a future date if possible.

Bookings may now be made online at our website CLICK HERE TO BOOK

If you have deferred a  booking or wish to change  the date of a booking please email us at the above email address.

Please note the following points

1. As we are currently running the studios with a much reduced staff pattern, we ask customers to book as early as possible as we will be closing the studios at 6pm if there are no evening shift bookings by 4pm of that day, so please book before 4pm, preferably the day before so we can organise staff.

2. Band illness. We ask all customers to not attend any session if they feel ill, have been asked to isolate or have a raised temperature. Any booking cancelled at the last minute due to illness will be rescheduled at no cost or fully refunded, so long as we are informed prior to the start of the session.

3. If any band member becomes unwell during a session, we ask the band to notify us by phone and if possible leave immediately, without visiting reception.  Unused hours will be credited or refunded.

4. We ask all customers to wear facemasks and use provided hand sanitisers provided in all public areas. Please use facemasks and sanitise hands when using bathroom facilities.

5. Please do not congregate or socialise in the public areas of the studio and maintain a 2m social distance at all times where possible.

We recognise how important our services are to customers.

We thank all customers for your support and patience over the last year. We hope you are all safe and look forward to a time when we can all rehearse, record, perform and enjoy music as music should be enjoyed.

Please note there will be no staff in reception to answer enquiries at present.

We will be in touch soon.

Rog and all of the team at Mill Hill Music Complex

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Music Rehearsals and Recording

Please use our online booking system to book and please confirm that your rehearsal is associated with professional work or  Education. We understand that this description means that if you need rehearsal space to prepare for fee earning performances or maintain a professional level of technical capability then rehearsal is allowed. If you are preparing for recordings, making Youtube events, rehearsing for paid gigs post lockdown, rehearsing for promotional activities, putting together a showreel etc, then these are permitted activities. Sadly purely social activities are not allowed. More info on the musicians union page

Dance Studios

We can host professionally related activities, solo/single household practice and practice for public exams.  For more info on Dance rehearsals check the Royal Academy of Dance website. Professional dance rehearsals are allowed under workplace legislation.

Video Production

We can host professionally related activities, that cannot be done at home.

Educational usage
We have also been advised that use of the studios associated with educational purposes is allowed for activities linked formal exams and as part of home schooling and social care packages. We will be holding Rockschool exams as this is a designated permitted activity.


The shop is not open for the general public under non essential retail rules. Our vending machines and toilets are open for customers and customers of Bunns Lane Works industrial estate.

General Info

If your rehearsal is from a mixed household and purely for leisure purposes, unfortunately we cannot take bookings at this time. We ask for all customers to respect the regulations.

Please wear facemasks in public facing areas and use sanitisers and wipes as provided in all studios. Please do not attend the studios if you have any symptoms of covid or are isolating.

We will keep you updated if there are any changes to these rules. It may be necessary to vary our hours of operation, based on demand.

If you require a refund, please request this by email to – refunds may take a couple of days to process. Please do not call reception as reception staff do not have the authorisation codes/ account access to perform refunds.

We ask all customers to follow the government covid advice, wear facemasks in common areas and use sanitisers, wipes etc as appropriate. As we have just undertaken some major refurbishments and improvements, especially in the area of ventilation and decoration, we are committed to the future of the music industry and hope that the restrictions are short lived.

Covid19 precautions
Please note that we require all customers to comply with our covid19 safety policy – 28 June 2020

(Please click here for current covid regulations for booking studios)
* Sanitiser and wipes provided in all studios and in reception
* 1 hour minimum gap between sessions to allow air to settle in studios
* Rooms cleaned on a daily basis before use and handles and surfices disinfected between sessions
* Customers requested to book on line or pay with contactless cards
* 2 person limit on customers waiting in reception
* Customers must observe government social distancing recommendations
* Customers must observe the two person customer rule in reception
* Customers are requested to use sanitiser and wipes provided
* Customers using public transport are requested to sanitise their hands on arrival
* Customers must not attend the studios if they are unwell
* In the event of accident or injury, studio staff will not be able to assist customers but will call ambulances if required.
* Customers must not leave any items in studios.
* Customers must bring their own microphones where possible. Microphones are available for purchase from £25.99 from reception
* Customers must observe the 2m distance in reception from studio staff, except for card payments
* Customers must notify the studio in the event that they suspect they have covid within 14 days of visiting the studio
* If customers leave any item in the studio, these will be safely disposed of unless customers can return immediately to collect.
* We request that customers remain in studio for the duration of the session
* We have a single customer policy for our three toilets.
– Female Toilets only one cubicle open
– Male Toilets Urinal only, use disabled toilet if cubicle required.
* No cash payments (we have no lower limit for card purchases)
* We request all customers to pay on line where possible
* In room support for problems will only be possible where proper social distancing can be observed.
* Anyone displaying symptoms such as a persistant cough or visible temperature will be asked to leave immediately. We will not be taking temperature tests, but ask customers to use common sense.
* We will be waiving all cancellation fees for customers displaying covid symptoms. They will not be permitted to access the studios for a period of 14 days following such a cancellation.
* Storage at the studios will not be possible until the risk level is 1.

Please ensure that these are followed

All of our music rehearsal spaces are equipped with PA systems, backline including Drums (inc cymbals), Bass amp and 1 or 2 guitar amps based on size. Studio 17 and 18 have upright acoustic piano’s and studio 16 has an electric piano. Studio 5 is a specialist drum practice studio and studio 20 is a solo practice space with a small PA system and an electric piano. Click on the studio below to see the full spec. The studio price includes the full equipment package for each room.

We have 17 studios to suit every budget. All Studios are equipped with PA and full backline as applicable.

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