Rehearsal Spaces

Looking for somewhere that hosts a range of rehearsal spaces? Look no further!

Studio 06 - Premier Rehearsal Room - Mill Hill Music Complex, London

Studio 06 – Premier Rehearsal Space

Rehearsal spaces come in all shapes and sizes, however, finding one location that offers such variety under one roof can be hard to come by. Performers don’t always just need one type of space, having the ability to rehearse, record and teach in the same location is a real rarity, but vital to help keep the craft alive.

Mill Hill Music Complex has been created to help all performers of all categories congregate in one area and not have to travel back and forth. The ability to teach a lesson and then move into a more private rehearsal space to practise your own work can help save on travel expenses and it also means you can fit more into your schedule and have a more productive day.


Rehearsal spaces with everything you need

The rehearsal spaces at Mill Hill Music Complex are kitted out with all that you could need, allowing you just to turn up and make the most of the space.

The rehearsal spaces available include film and photography studios, dance studios and exercise or drama studios.

Studio 8 - Premium Rehearsal Studio - Mill Hill Music Complex, London

Studio 8 – Premium Rehearsal Space

The Dance Studios are equipped with full-length mirrors, air conditioning and ballet barres; all you need to host a professional lesson. Our site also offers on site parking so ideal if you’re considering running lessons for children who may need to be dropped off and picked up.

Our Video & Film Studios can be used to film anything from short movies to adverts and come equipped with large green screen and infinity cove. A PA system is also available upon request. Also, the video and film studio is also an ideal space for casting if you’re looking to recruit for your next project as the room can hold up to 50 people! The studio space itself has a 30’ ceiling, so objects and staging can be erected at ease and we can also provide a support crew if you need any assistance with set up.

Studio 14 Rehearsal Spaces - DanceThe Yoga and Drama studios are big and airy, perfect space to teach yoga classes, as well as big enough to host drama classes and encourage people to move about. This studio meets industry standards as recently it was hired by the cast of West End Musical, Profumo. So you can rest assured that the facilities are up to scratch and have everything you would need.



An excellent variety of rehearsal spaces available

Here at Mill Hill Music Complex we pride ourselves on having such a variety of rehearsal spaces for people to use and continue to strive to ensure that our customers have all the equipment they need and, if not, work closely with them to arrange for it to be available. We love seeing the variety of performers enjoying our rehearsal spaces so feel free to enquire about the hire of any of our studios as no craft is too rare or unknown for us to accommodate.





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