Drum Lessons with Sam White

Drum lessons are amazing fun and you can start learning at almost any age.

Sam has been playing since 1998, and is a regular performer on many stages throughout the country. Sam studied at Drumtech under Paul Elliot, Richard Beasley, Tom Meadows and Justin Scott, earning himself a bachelor's degree in music. Sam currently plays with three different bands, touring all around the UK and Europe, giving him a wealth of live performing experience. The highlights of Sam's career range from playing in front of 50,000 people at Umbria rock festival 2014 in Italy where he met Jimi Hendrix's producer Eddie Kramer, and appearing in the 2015 Catherine Hardwicke film 'Miss You Already' starring Drew Barrymore, Dominic Cooper and Toni Collette with his old band, as well as numerous UK and European tours supporting FIsh and Wishbone Ash.

Sam has been teaching drums since 2002, is proficient in many styles and has experience teaching everyone from absolute beginners to the more advanced player.


I see drum lessons as more than just learning an instrument, but as a way to help students develop confidence, self esteem, to learn transferable skills and new learning procedures making every new challenge a joyful experience through a clear pathway to success.

The Drum Lessons.

The Two Drum Kits. It is rare for a drum teacher to be able to use two drum kits in drum lessons, but it's always nice to be different isn't it? Having two kits in the room means that lessons are as efficient as possible as there is no time wasted swapping seats during demonstrations, as well as allowing for a more practical learning environment.

Environmentally Friendly Lessons. All lessons are paperless, so any lesson materials are sent via email and are also projected onto a screen in the studio. This means bespoke lessons can be created during the lessons and they can be shared across devices.

Exclusive Online Resources. All students have access to exclusive online play along videos via the members area of my website, making the students practice time more efficient. Studies have shown that playing alongside a teacher helps the student learn up to 50% more than if they were to play alone and the members area makes this a reality at home.

Technology. By taking advantage of the newest cutting edge technology, I can speed up, slow down, loop and even remove instruments from prerecorded music and create backing tracks during the lessons, giving students a complete experience of "being" the drummer in the band, all from the comfort of the studio.

All of these resources are included in the lesson price

Sam's Top TIP
Regularly film yourself playing. Often, improvement can be so minute, that it can be easy to become disheartened, feeling like we are going nowhere. However, this is not the case and having a visual record of your progress can really help to show you that the practice is working, and offer vital encouragement at times when you need it most. Celebrate every little success, and enjoy the journey.

Sam has great passion for the drums and drumming, is reliable and does his best to get you to give a great performance.

Lesson prices with Sam are: £22 for thirty minutes, £33 for 45 minutes,  £44 for an hour

To get in touch with Sam visit www.drumunlimited.co.uk

Sam can teach on Mon-Fri 2pm-8pm (subject to availability).