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Laney TF700 Amp Head (Second Hand)

Laney TF700 Amp Head (Second Hand)

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The Laney TF700 is a 120-watt hybrid amplifier with a 12AX7 tube preamp and offers three channels: one clean and two saturated. Each channel comes with specific controls and settings, making the amp versatile for various music styles.

It combines the sonic warmth of a tube preamp with the reliability of solid-state technology. Featuring three channels to cover everything from clean tones to aggressive distortion, it provides precise sound shaping with dedicated EQ, Reverb, and an effects loop. Its robust design makes it ideal for touring, while its intuitive control layout ensures you find your sound with ease. Whether for home use, studio recording, or live performance, the TF700 delivers dynamic, high-quality sound for all music genres.

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