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Marshall VBA 400

Marshall VBA 400

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The Marshall VBA400 is an all-tube bass amplifier head that combines classic Marshall tone with powerful performance for serious bassists. Here's a breakdown of its key features and specifications:

  • Power and Valves: 400W of power, driven by 8x 6550 power valves and further shaped by 3x ECC83 and 1x ECC82 preamp valves, offering a vast range of pure valve tones.
  • Simple Yet Effective Control: Features include a 3-band passive EQ (Bass, Middle, Treble), along with a 3-position Mid Contour switch for versatile tone shaping, and Deep and Bright switches to fine-tune the low and high ends.
  • Connectivity and Performance: Equipped with both Active and Passive inputs, an XLR DI output with Earth Lift and Pre/Post EQ options, a Series FX loop, and a Tuner Mute facility for silent tuning on stage.
  • Practical Additions: A high/low fan speed switch ensures optimal operating temperature for the valves, enhancing durability and performance during prolonged use.
  • Physical Attributes: Weighing in at 36 kg (79 lbs), its dimensions are 670 mm (26.4") in height, 275 mm (10.8") in width, and 325 mm (12.8") in depth, reflecting its robust and stage-ready build.

Designed for bassists who demand the utmost in tone and versatility, the VBA400 is celebrated for its ability to deliver deep, resonant basses and sharp, cutting highs, all while maintaining the warmth and richness that valves are known for​.

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